Running To Explore

July 19, 2022

Collage of person in front of "Colorado" sign; and three images of trees and sky

Written by: Emilio Carrasco, Caminos al Futuro 2022

Like most Coloradans, health and physical activity is a large portion of my lifestyle. Sports like running, swimming, and wrestling give me opportunities to mitigate stress and improve my mental health and self-esteem. It was no surprise that upon arriving to the Caminos al Futuro program, I was excited by the possibility of running through the nation’s capital. I planned several runs that have turned out to be an extremely impactful part of my time in DC this summer. I am thankful for the chance to share one of these experiences with you.

This run took place closer to the Foggy Bottom campus, within the metropolitan area of DC. Even though I was in the middle of the city, the plant life was extremely lush and present. The way the campus is embedded within the surrounding nature was astounding to me. I was able to truly appreciate the domain that I would call home for the next three weeks.

Although our classes took place on this campus, this was the first time I was able to truly observe the city. As I, and several others who were about to miss the metro, rushed underneath the tall buildings, I noticed the traffic, which seemed to be moving slower than I was. More importantly, I admired other students present on the campus participating in summer courses. I recognized that DC is an extremely culturally diverse place. Seeing others who look like me on the streets, pursuing success in this city served as a great inspiration for me. 

The Caminos al Futuro program has been a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, providing us with academic and social experiences that have exceeded all expectations. However, this run was truly the most impactful experience for me, and my future.

Emilio Carrasco is a Caminos al Futuro 2022 scholar. Emilio’s views are his own and not necessarily reflective of the Cisneros Institute.