Caminos al Futuro Pre-College Summer Program

The Caminos al Futuro Pre-College Summer Program is a full scholarship program for academically talented high school juniors who have demonstrated a commitment to leadership and service within the Hispanic community. Prior to their senior year in high school, qualified students from across the country can apply to the program. This leadership development program integrates cross-disciplinary exploration with applied leadership and field-based activities, immersing participants in an academic leadership development program. Students will have the opportunity to interact with community and international leaders (including Hispanic leaders and role models), Cisneros student mentors and prominent scholars and practitioners. Through site visits, networking events and service learning activities, student will experience key fundamentals of leadership on issues while improving skills of expression, analytic and critical thinking. Students will experience college life and learn about the fundamentals of enrolling at selective universities. They will engage in a variety of experiences designed to increase their knowledge and interest in attending and graduating from a top university.

"Our goal is to have the institute help these students feel more at home in a higher education environment, while providing them with mentorship programs and networking opportunities led by successful Hispanics in Washington. By creating this type of supportive atmosphere, the students will be more inclined to get involved in university life, take on leadership roles and ultimately graduate, which will greatly assist them in reaching their full potential."