Leveraging the resources of the nation’s capital and the world-class facilities at GW, the Cisneros Institute brings together university scholars across disciplines to support and elevate research related to the Institute’s four priorities in Higher Education, Well-Being, Economic Equity and Access to Opportunity. Using a multi-dimensional lens, we recognize the uniqueness of the Latino community and the driving factors behind our biggest challenges. It informs and results in innovative solutions that are data-driven and culturally competent.

Current Projects



Immigrant Youth Project Logo


The Immigrant Youth Project

The Immigrant Youth Project is a collaborative research study supported by the National Science Foundation and conducted by researchers at the University of South Florida and the Cisneros Hispanic Leadership Institute at the George Washington University.

We are collecting stories about the experiences of immigrant young adults living in Florida to understand their social and emotional well-being. We hope to share the insights of our findings with policymakers, advocates, teachers, counselors and community members to address the experiences of immigrant youth.

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Metropolitan Washington Workshop on Immigration & Race (MWWI&R)


Metropolitan Washington Workshop on Immigration & Race

The Metropolitan Washington Workshop on Immigration & Race is a network of scholars dedicated to conducting research and advancing understanding of immigrant networks, social and economic integration, immigrant entrepreneurship, and challenges of exclusion and resentment among native-born populations in one of the top five destinations for newcomers in the United States — the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area. 

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Caminos al Futuro Pathways To Health logo

Caminos al Bienestar / Pathways to Health

In collaboration with colleagues in Public Health, Caminos al Bienestar uses cutting-edge research methods and an interdisciplinary team of investigators to advance knowledge of how neighborhoods, schools, policy contexts, and families shape the health and development of U.S. Latino/a adolescents.  Research insights from the project inform the development of policies and programs supporting positive pathways to health and well-being for the growing U.S. Latino/a youth population.


Immigrant Well-Being Scholar Collaborative

Im/migrant Well-Being Scholar Collaborative

The Im/migrant Well-Being Scholar Collaborative is a network of researchers, centers, and institutes working together to translate research on the lived experiences of im/migrants and their communities for impact in national policymaking. 

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 Recent Publications


More migrants are dying along the US-Mexico border, but it’s hard to say how big the problem actually is

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Perverse Incentives: Extrajudicial Killings in Colombia

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Immigrant Family Separation, Fear, and the U.S. Deportation Regime

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LatCrim is the leading resource for research about crime, violence and justice that both involve and impact the Latina/o/x population. We inform policymakers, practitioners, students, and community stakeholders of research on crime, violence, and justice policies and practices that involve and impact the Latina/o/x population in the U.S., so that we can advocate for justice in marginalized Latina/o/x communities while working to address barriers to equitable treatment and access to resources faced by Latina/o/x Americans.

Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (CHCI)

CHCI provides leadership, public service, and policy experiences to outstanding Latino/a/x students and young professionals, and convenes Members of Congress and other public officials, corporate executives, nonprofit advocates, and thought leaders to discuss issues facing the nation and the Hispanic community.

American Association of Hispanics in Higher Education

The American Association of Hispanics in Higher Education (AAHHE) addresses issues and concerns affecting Hispanics, with a focus on higher education.

Excelencia in Education

Excelencia in Education accelerates Latino student success in higher education to address the U.S. economy’s need for a highly educated workforce and for civic leadership.