Intern Spotlight: Jackie Dioses

August 15, 2022

Envelope with students and buildings coming out

Written by: Jackie Dioses, Cisneros Class of 2024

This summer, I have three jobs. Yes, THREE. While they have kept me a little busy, and are all very different positions, I have also grown and learned so much from all of them.

My first job is an internship with The Newlines Institute in their Human Security Unit, where I focus on addressing issues in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Colombia under the State Fragility and Resilience program. I have met amazing people here and had the opportunity to expand my analytical skills in research and writing. So far, I have written a general net assessment on each of my three focus countries, as well as a comparative analysis of Costa Rica and Nicaragua with suggested actions for US policymakers!

My second job is an internship with Caminos al Bienestar as a research assistant. This NIH-funded study seeks to better understand and support Latinx youth. I am learning a lot about the implementation of research studies at different stages, and my professional Spanish skills have definitely improved from speaking with participants for on-call surveys. Shoutout to Dra. Vaquera, the Director of the Cisneros Institute, for inviting me to join the team!

My third job is serving at Flower Child. Since starting in November, I have improved my customer service, time management, problem-solving, and teamwork skills. I have also built very genuine friendships and connections that I will forever remember and appreciate. I can now also balance a good number of objects on my arms, which has proven to come in handy!

The prospect of having three jobs was intimidating at first, but support from my friends has made it all bearable. They are the ones who balance out my 40-to-50-hour work weeks with just their presence. Fellow Cisneros Scholars Alex, Laura, Nancy, Liani, Edwin, and Bella help make the afternoons and weekends good recovery times for a more fun work-life balance. Together, we make sure we are well-rested, hydrated and protected with sunscreen! I am learning a lot this summer, but I am also having a lot of fun along the way.

Jackie Dioses is a third-year Cisneros Scholar majoring in Political Science and Sociology. Jackie’s views are her own and not necessarily reflective of the Cisneros Institute.