Foundations of Latino Leadership: a young Latino speaks into a lectern

Foundations of Latino Leadership


A student shakes hands with guest Maria Samaniego inside Post Hall


Through its affiliate faculty, the Cisneros Institute has developed the Foundations of Latino Leadership curriculum to develop and strengthen three complementary sets of skills that are fundamental for effective leaders: a foundation in policy-related “hard skills,” experiential training in communication and professional development “soft skills” and best practices for writing in the discipline.

These graduate-level courses are targeted to Latino young professionals and partner organizations. Classes can be designed for the fall, spring or summer semester. Although each module is customized to meet the needs of participants, the emphasis remains focused on the three core areas.

For more information on how the Cisneros Institute can create a specialized curriculum for your organization, contact Trey Johnston.


Core Components

  • Policy Skills
    young woman speaks into a microphone as part of presentation

    Policy Skills

    "Hard skills" like advanced training in data, research analysis and governmental processes related to policy-making
  • Professional & Leadership Development
    Young man listens as woman talks

    Professional & Leadership Development

    Interactive sessions inspired by executive education training in skills like managing networks, serving community interests, and conversational competence all taught through a culturally competent frame.
  • Writing & Communication
    Hand holding pen writes on a notepad

    Writing & Communication

    Specialized workshops on technical and persuasive writing relevant for participants' areas of specialization.