Mission & Vision

Elizabeth Vaquera

Dr. Elizabeth Vaquera

Director, Cisneros Hispanic Leadership Institute
Associate Professor of Sociology & Public Policy

"Research on Latinos in the U.S. guides all the work that we do in our student programming, and our experience in and out of the classroom with our scholars inspires and informs the research we do. Both components are essential to the mission of the Cisneros Institute."


To increase the potential of our students to be citizen scholars who graduate with the tools to serve and lead their community while producing innovative research that informs our nation’s dialogue and decision-making about issues and their impact on the Latino community.



The Cisneros Hispanic Leadership Institute aspires to be the model in higher education for innovative leadership development and academic research that includes and elevates Latino voices.



We recognize Latinos’ unique experiences and identities as a strength for the nation. Through an emphasis on “cultural intelligence,” the Cisneros Institute helps students grow into citizen scholars, ready to engage, lead and make a difference in the world. For partners, media and policymakers, the Cisneros Institute is the nexus of scholarship and community engagement, offering data-driven research and analysis that facilitates creative approaches to the most pressing contemporary policy issues.